What we're up to here, see, is a project to reprint most of the material I have written for science fiction fanzines or for sf-fan email mailing lists since I encountered science fiction fandom in 1967. Unlikely, isn't it.

It's 'partial' necessarily, because even though my actual output during those thirty-odd years has not been huge (embarrassingly little, in fact, compared to many important fanwriters) a fair proportion has simply wafted away on the Winds of Time (and good riddance too, probably...) and other bits really don't deserve even the transient permanence of the electronic form. There may be argument, for and against, that latter, based most likely on what I have chosen to include here. But hey, it's me doing the work, no-one's making you read this. Even if some of it really is good....

You may not immediately discern any order to what follows. That's because there isn't any. (This is not a test.) For the sake of Bloody Getting On With It rather than spending another day peering at some obscure detail of my helmet collection or rooting through 1960's issues of the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction I have chosen to insert some bits that are both easy to process and are things we here at the Haverfordwest SF and Helmet Society actually like.

Please do respond here with comments. All knowledge is good, even if occasionally unwelcome.

LAST UPDATED (oh the shame of it...) 22nd July 2003 - good grief that's well over ten years ago, the shame indeed, especially as I have written much better things than most of the material here since then.