SCIENCE FICTION BOOK CLUB - an Explanation of the Numbering

by Wm F Seabrook

slightly revised by Greg Pickersgill 2006
NB -see also notes within the basic book listing.

The numbering runs sequentially from 1 (March 1953) to 188 (December 1972) at which point David and Charles appear to have bought the Readers Union from Dent and absorbed all the old titles left in stock (including 'optionals') renumbering them alphabetically by title from 5001 "Age of Pussyfoot, The" to 5067 "Worlds of Robert F Young, The", and then numbering their new books from 5068 ("Solaris") in January 1973. (See Fourth column in the table below.)

About November or (December) 1980 by which time we've reached 5173 (or 5172 - problem here being not only are these two numbered out of sequence but 5172 "Transfigurations" is actually the Gollancz edition as indeed 5161 "The Fellowship of the Talisman" had been Sidgwick & Jackson's - ditto 5176 and 5181 later).

Another complication with 5173 "The Priests of PSI" is that the inside flap of the dj calls this "New Series: Vol 1 - issue 13". From here on in they continue with this vol/issue number. (See Sixth column below.)

The final book I've been able to find is "The Winter Plain" (albeit this is Vol 3 - issue 12 and so is "King David's Spaceship"!). I just don't know if there were any further books from here - I've certainly never found them.

William Seabrook

The notes above are taken from email correspondence with William Seabrook in 2000. The numbering of the later SFBC editions (post issue number 170, which is the last actual numbered issue) is bizarre bordering on the incomprehensible. There is in fact NO numbering of any kind on either the books or dustjackets and any idea of a numbered series can only be seen by reference to the flyers such as SFBC NEWS. However, the numbering (which is just stock numbers in fact)  is sometimes out of sequence, and at least once duplicated. It's a shambles, really.
Any further information gratefully received - contact me! - Greg Pickersgill

1George R StewartEarth Abides March 1953  
2Ray BradburyThe Martian Chronicles May 1953  
3Olaf StapledonLast and First Men July 1953  
4F G RayerTomorrow Sometimes Comes September 1953  
5Andrew MarvellMinimum Man November 1953  
6John Carnell [editor]No Place Like Earth January 1954  
7Isaac AsimovI, Robot March 1954  
8A E van VogtThe Voyage of the Space Beagle May 1954  
9Kurt VonnegutPlayer Piano July 1954  
10Olaf StapledonOdd John September 1954  
11Alfred BesterThe Demolished Man November 1954  
12Murray Leinster [editor]Great Stories of Science Fiction January 1955  
13John WyndhamThe Kraken Wakes March 1955  
14Ray BradburyFahrenheit 451 May 1955  
15Arthur C ClarkeChildhood's End July 1955  
16Theodore SturgeonMore Than Human September 1955  
17Henry KuttnerFury November 1955  
18Isaac AsimovCaves of Steel January 1956  
19Samuel Mines [editor]Moment Without Time March 1956  
20Wilson TuckerWild Talent May 1956  
21E C TubbAlien Dust July 1956  
22Edgar PangbornA Mirror for Observers September 1956  
23J T McIntoshOne in Three Hundred November 1956  
24Judith Merril [editor]Beyond the Barriers of Space and Time January 1957  
25Margot BennetThe Long Way Back March 1957  
26Philip K DickWorld of Chance5065May 1957  
27John ChristopherThe Death of Grass July 1957  
28John MantleyThe Twenty-Seventh Day September 1957  
29W Grey WalterFurther Outlook November 1957  
30James BlishEarthman, Come Home January 1958  
31Alfred BesterTiger, Tiger March 1958  
32C M KornbluthChristmas Eve May 1958  
33Robert HeinleinThe Robert Heinlein Omnibus July 1958  
34Edmund Crispin [editor]Best SF Two September 1958  
35Patrick MooreScience and Fiction November 1958  
36Isaac AsimovThe Naked Sun January 1959  
37Wilmar H ShirasChildren of the Atom March 1959  
38Clifford D SimakStrangers in the Universe May 1959  
39David DuncanOccam's Razor July 1959  
40Charles Eric MaineThe Tide Went Out September 1959  
41Robert HeinleinDouble Star November 1959  
42Jack FinneyThe Clock of Time January 1960  
43Brian W AldissNon-Stop March 1960  
44Ray BradburyThe Day it Rained Forever May 1960  
45James BlishA Case of Conscience July 1960  
46Edmund Crispin [editor]Best SF Three September 1960  
47Arthur C ClarkeThe Deep Range November 1960  
48Wilson TuckerThe Lincoln Hunters January 1961  
49Eric Frank RussellWasp Febuary 1961  
50John WyndhamThe Outward Urge March 1961  
51Brian W AldissThe Canopy of Time May 1961  
52Walter M MillerA Canticle for Leibowitz July 1961  
53Frank HerbertThe Dragon in the Sea September 1961  
54Philip K DickTime Out of Joint October 1961  
55Clifford D SimakCity November 1961  
56James BlishGalactic Cluster December 1961  
57Henry KuttnerMutant March 1962  
58John WyndhamTrouble With Lichen Febuary 1962  
59Frederik PohlWolfbane March 1962  
60Arthur C ClarkeThe Other Side of the Sky April 1962  
61Kingsley AmisNew Maps of Hell May 1962  
62Agnew H BahnsonThe Stars are too High June 1962  
63Edmund Crispin [editor]Best SF Four July 1962  
64Frederik PohlSlave Ship August 1962  
65Hal ClementNeedle September 1962  
66Poul AndersonGuardians of Time October 1962  
67Clifford D SimakAliens for Neighbours November 1962  
68Kingsley Amis and Robert Conquest [editors]Spectrum December 1962  
69Frederik PohlDrunkard's Walk January 1963  
70Algis BudrysThe Unexpected Dimension Febuary 1963  
71Eric Frank RussellThe Great Explosion  March 1963  
72Clifford D SimakTime is the Simplest Thing April 1963  
73Arthur C ClarkeA Fall of Moondust May 1963  
74Poul AndersonTwilight World June 1963  
75Zenna HendersonPilgrimage July 1963  
76Olaf StapledonLast Men in London August 1963  
77Alan E NourseTiger by the Tail September 1963  
78Robert P Mills [editor]Best of Fantasy and SF 9 October 1963  
79Brian W AldissHothouse November 1963  
80Daniel F GalouyeDark Universe December 1963  
81John BrunnerNo Future in It  January 1964  
82J G BallardThe Drowned World Febuary 1964  
83Charles Eric MaineThe Darkest of Nights March 1964  
84William TennTime in Advance5055 April 1964  
85Robert HeinleinOrphans in the Sky  May 1964  
86Arthur C ClarkeTales of Ten Worlds June 1964  
87J G BallardFour-Dimensional Nightmare5017July 1964  
88Frederik Pohl [editor]The Expert Dreamers  August 1964  
89Robert HeinleinMethuselah's Children  September 1964  
90James GunnThe Joy Makers October 1964  
91Walter M MillerConditional Human November 1964  
92Isaac Asimov9 Tomorrows December 1964  
93Brian W AldissThe Airs of Earth January 1965  
94Frederik PohlGladiator-at-Law Febuary 1965  
95Gerald HeardDoppleganger March 1965  
96Damon KnightIn Deep5022April 1965  
97Clifford D SimakWay Station May 1965  
98Daniel F GalouyeCounterfeit World5011June 1965  
99Robert HeinleinRevolt in 2100 July 1965  
100Lloyd Biggle JnrAll the Colours of Darkness August 1965  
101Poul AndersonTime and Stars September 1965  
102Cyril JuddGunner Cade October 1965  
103Arthur SellingsThe Uncensored Man November 1965  
104Brian W AldissGreybeard5020December 1965  
105Leonard DaventryA Man of Double Deed January 1966  
106Lan WrightSpace Born Febuary 1966  
107Charles HarnessThe Paradox Man March 1966  
108Frederik Pohl [editor]The Seventh Galaxy Reader April 1966  
109C M KornbluthThe Syndic May 1966  
110Theodore SturgeonJoyous Invasions5027June 1966  
111John BrunnerThe Telepathist July 1966  
112Rick RaphaelThe Thirst Quenchers5052August 1966  
113Louis CharbonneauThe Specials September 1966  
114William R BurkettThe Sleeping Planet October 1966  
115Daniel F GalouyeThe Lost Perception5030November 1966  
116Robert F YoungThe Worlds of Robert F Young5067 December 1966  
117Angus MacLeodThe Eighth Seal January 1967  
118Clifford D SimakAll Flesh is Grass Febuary 1967  
119Zenna HendersonThe Anything Box5002March 1967  
120Poul AndersonShield April 1967  
121Poul AndersonThe Star Fox5050May 1967  
122Brian W AldissThe Saliva Tree and Other Strange Growths5044June 1967  
123Frederik PohlA Plague of Pythons5039July 1967  
124John RankineInterstellar Two-Five August 1967  
125Kingsley Amis and Robert Conquest [editors]Spectrum V5049September 1967  
126Fred HoyleOctober the First is Too Late October 1967  
127Poul AndersonThe Corridors of Time5010November 1967  
128Robert SheckleyMindswap5032December 1967  
129Arthur SellingsThe Quy Effect5043January 1968  
130Clifford D SimakWhy Call Them Back From Heaven? Febuary 1968  
131VariousPaths into the Unknown March 1968  
132Colin WilsonThe Mind Parasites5031April 1968  
133Louis CharbonneauAntic Earth May 1968  
134L P DaviesTwilight Journey5058June 1968  
135Jack VanceThe Killing Machine July 1968  
136Richard CowperBreakthough August 1968  
137M K JosephHole in the Zero September 1968  
138Harry HarrisonWar With the Robots October 1968  
139Damon KnightThree Novels5053November 1968  
140Samuel R DelanyBabel-175003December 1968  
141Poul AndersonThe Trouble Twisters5057January 1969  
142Algis BudrysThe Iron Thorn5026Febuary 1969  
143Clifford D SimakThe Werewolf Principle5063March 1969  
144J T McIntoshSix Gates from Limbo5046April 1969  
145Theodore SturgeonStarshine May 1969  
146William F NolanLogan's Run June 1969  
147Richard CowperPhoenix5038July 1969  
148Philip E HighInvader on My Back5025August 1969  
149Chloe Zerwick & Harrison BrownThe Cassiopeia Affair5006September 1969  
150Keith RobertsPavane5037October 1969  
151R W MackelworthFiremantle5016 November 1969  
152Larry NivenWorlds of Ptavvs5066December 1969  
153Richard WilsonThe Girls from Planet 55019January 1970  
154R A LaffertyPast Master Febuary 1970  
155Theodore SturgeonVenus Plus X5060March 1970  
156John BoydThe Last Starship From Earth5028April 1970  
157Thomas M DischEcho Round His Bones5014May 1970  
158Samuel R DelanyNova5033June 1970  
159Alexei PanshinRite of Passage July 1970  
160Brian N BallTimepiece5056August 1970  
161John RankineBinary Z5004September 1970  
162Bob ShawThe Two-Timers5059October 1970  
163Larry NivenA Gift From Earth5018 November 1970  
164Fritz LeiberA Spectre is Haunting Texas5048December 1970  
165Cordwainer SmithSpace Lords5047January 1971  
166Frederik PohlThe Age of Pussyfoot5001Febuary 1971  
167Damon KnightOff Centre5034March 1971  
168Harry HarrisonCaptive Universe5005April 1971  
169Bob ShawThe Palace of Eternity5035May 1971  
170Jacob Hay & John M KeshishianDeath of a Cosmonaut5013June 1971  
171James H SchmitzThe Demon Breed July 1971  
172Robert Silverberg, Roger Zelazny and James BlishThree For Tomorrow August 1971  
173Murray LeinsterThe Listeners5029September 1971  
174Benn BovaThe Weathermen5062October 1971  
175William F NolanA Wilderness of Stars: Stories of Man in Conflict with Space5064November 1971  
176Fred and Geoff HoyleSeven Steps to the Sun5045December 1971  
177Harry HarrisonIn Our Hands the Stars5023January 1972  
178Philip K DickThe Preservation Machine and Other Stories5041Febuary 1972  
179John BoydThe Pollinators of Eden5040March 1972  
180Lee HoffmanThe Caves of Karst5009April 1972  
181R W MackelworthTiltangle5054May 1972  
182Frederik PohlDay Million5012June 1972  
183Poul AndersonTau Zero5051July 1972  
184Piers AnthonyProstho Plus5042August 1972  
185Frederik Pohl [editor]The Eleventh Galaxy Reader5015September 1972  
186Vincent KingCandy Man5008October 1972  
187Mark AdlardInterface5024November 1972  
188Rene BarjavelThe Ice People5021December 1972  
1068Stanislaw LemSolaris5068January 1973  
1069Larry NivenRingworld5069Febuary 1973  
1070Joseph GreenConscience Interplanetary5070March 1973  
1071John BrunnerTimescoop5071April 1973  
1072Clifford D SimakOut of Their Minds5072May 1973  
1073Harry HarrisonOne Step From Earth5073June 1973  
1074Bob ShawOther Days, Other Eyes5074July 1973  
1075Isaac AsimovThe Gods Themselves5075August 1973  
1076Richard CowperClone5076September 1973  
1077Edmund CooperThe Overman Culture5077October 1973  
1078Robert SheckleyCan You Feel Anything When I Do This?5078November 1973  
1079Harry HarrisonA Transatlantic Tunnel, Hurrah!5079December 1973  
1083Wilson TuckerThe Time Masters5083January 1974  
1084William HjortsbergGrey Matters5084Febuary 1974  
1085Fred and Geoff HoyleThe Inferno5085March 1974  
1086Larry NivenInconstant Moon5086April 1974  
1087Lindsay GutteridgeKiller Pine5087May 1974  
1088Frederik PohlThe Gold at the Starbow's End5088June 1974  
1089Arthur C ClarkeRendezvous with Rama      
1090Roger ZelaznyThe Doors of His Face, the Lamps of His Mouth      
1092Harry HarrisonThe Stainless Steel Rat Saves the World5092September 1974  
1093Michael G ConeyMirror Image5093October 1974  
1094Edmund CooperThe Tenth Planet5094November 1974  
1095Lester del Rey [editor]Best Science Fiction Stories of the Year5095December 1974  
1096Thomas PageThe Hephaestus Plague5096January 1975  
1097D G ComptonThe Continuous Katherine Mortenhoe5097Febuary 1975  
1098Michael G ConeyFriends Come in Boxes5098March 1975  
1099David GerroldYesterday's Children5099April 1975  
1100William Jon WatkinsThe God Machine5100May 1975  
1101L T PetersThe 11th Plague5101June 1975  
1102Christopher PriestInverted World5102July 1975  
1103Richard CowperWorlds Apart5103August 1975  
1104Michael G ConeyWinter's Children5104September 1975  
1105Patrick WyattIrish Rose5105October 1975  
1106Philip K DickFlow My Tears, the Policeman Said5106November 1975  
1107Barry MalzbergBeyond Apollo5107Dec75  
1108Bob ShawOrbitsville5108January 1976  
1109Curt SiodmakCity in the Sky5109Febuary 1976  
1110Philip K DickThe Man in the High Castle5110March 1976  
1111Lester del Rey [editor]Best SF Stories (3rd Year)5111April 1976  
1112Kit Pedler and Gerry DavisThe Dynostar Menace5112May 1976  
1113Michael G ConeyHello Summer, Goodbye5113June 1976  
1114Alfred BesterExtro5114July 1976  
1115Charles LoganShipwreck5115August 1976  
1116Ian WatsonThe Johah Kit5116September 1976  
1117Joseph GreenStar Probe5117October 1976  
1118Bob ShawA Wreath of Stars5118November 1976  
1119Robert SilverbergThe Stochastic Man5119December 1976  
1120John BrunnerThe Stone that Never Came Down5120January 1977  
1121Martin SherwoodMaxwell's Demon5121Febuary 1977  
1122Keith RobertsThe Grain Kings5122March 1977  
1123Terry GreenhoughThe Wandering Worlds5123Spring 77  
1124Lester del Rey [editor]Best SF Stories (4th Year)5124Apr/May 1977  
1125Frederik PohlMan Plus5125May/June 1977  
1126Robert A SmithThe Kramer Project5126June 19/July 1977  
1127Ian WatsonThe Martian Inca5127July 19/August 1977  
1128Michael ElderOil Seeker5128August 19/September 1977  
1129Robert SilverbergShadrack in the Furnace5129Sep/October 1977  
1130Clifford D SimakShakespeare's Planet5130Oct/November 1977  
1131William F NolanWonderworlds5131Nov/December 1977  
1132Wilson TuckerThe Lincoln Hunters5132December 1977/January 1978  
1133Lester del Rey [editor]Best SF Stories (5th Year)5133January 1978  
1134Alan Dean FosterMidworld5134Febuary 1978  
1135Philip K Dick and Roger ZelaznyDeus Irae5135March 1978  
1136Algis BudrysMichaelmas5136Spring 78  
1137R A LaffertyArrive at Easterwine5137April 1978  
1138Colin KappThe Survival Game5138May 1978  
1139Ian WatsonAlien Embassy5139June 1978  
1140Christopher PriestA Dream of Wessex5140July 1978  
1141Joe HaldemanAll My Sins Remembered5141Summer 78  
1142Clifford D SimakA Heritage of Stars5142August 1978  
1143Spider RobinsonTelempath5143September 1978  
1144Richard CowperThe Road to Corlay5144October 1978  
1145Arkady and Boris StrugatskyRoadside Picnic5145November 1978  
1146Bob ShawShip of Strangers5146December 1978  
1147Ian WatsonMiracle Visitors5147January 1979  
1148Garry KilworthThe Night of Kadar5148Febuary 1979  
1149Harry HarrisonThe Stainless Steel Rat Wants You5149March 1979  
1150Gordon R Dickson [editor]Futurelove5150Spring 79  
1151A E van VogtThe Anarchistic Colossus5151April 1979  
1152John MorressyFrostworld and Dreamfire5152May 1979  
1153Harlan EllisonEllison Wonderland5153July 1979  
1154Richard F FrancisBlackpool Vanishes5154June 1979  
1155Terry CarrCirque5155August 1979  
1156Kate WilhelmSomerset Dreams and Other Fictions5156Summer 79  
1157D F JonesXeno5157September 1979  
1158Christopher PriestAn Infinite Summer5158October 1979  
1159C J CherryhThe Faded Sun: Kesrith5159November 1979  
1160John Grant [editor]Aries 15160December 1979  
1161Clifford D SimakThe Fellowship of the Talisman5161January 1980  
1162Gregory BenfordThe Stars in Shroud5162Febuary 1980  
1163C J CherryhThe Faded Sun: Shon'jir5163March 1980  
1164Edmund CooperJupiter Laughs and Other Stories5164Spring 80  
1165Elizabeth A LynnA Different Light5165April 1980  
1166Theodore SturgeonVisions and Ventures5166June 1980  
1167Bob ShawDagger of the Mind5167May 1980  
1168B Chetwynd-HayesThe Brats5168July 1980  
1169Jayge CarrLeviathan's Deep5169August 1980  
1170C J CherryhThe Faded Sun: Kutath5170September 1980  
1171David F Bischoff and Dennis R BaileyTin Woodman5171October 1980  
1172Michael BishopTransfigurations5172December 1980  
1173Frank HerbertThe Priests of Psi5173November 19801.13
1174Poul AndersonThe Avatar5174Autumn 801.12
1175Walter TevisMockingbird5175January 19812.1
1176Clifford D SimakThe Visitors5176Febuary 19812.2
1177Isaac Asimov [editor]The Science Fiction Solar System5177March 19812.3
1178Jack VanceThe Face5178Spring 19812.4
1179Leonard DaventryYou Must Remember Us?5179April 19812.5
1180Robert Silverberg [editor]The Crystal Ship5180May 19812.6
1181Anne McCaffreyThe Worlds of Anne McCaffrey5181June 19812.7
1182Garry KilworthGemini God5182July 19812.8
1183Jo BannisterThe Matrix5183August 19812.9
1184Douglas R MasonThe Typhon Intervention5184September 19812.10
1185Clifford D SimakProject Pope5185October 19812.11
1186Charles C Ryan [editor]The Best of Galileo: Starry Messenger5186September 19812.12
1187  5187 2.13
1188Ian Watson and Michael BishopUnder Heaven's Bridge5188 2.14
1189David GerroldDeathbeast5189December 19812.15
1190Roger ZelaznyRoadmarks5190January 19823.1
1191Jack RhysThe Five Doors5191 3.2
1192Bob ShawThe Ceres Solution5192 3.3
1193  5193 3.4
1194Richard CowperThe Dream of Kinship5194 3.6
1195Adrian ColeThe Lucifier Experiment5195 3.5
1196Ian WatsonDeathhunter5196 3.7
1197C J CherryhSerpent's Reach5197 3.8
1198Frederik PohlThe Cool War5198 3.9
1199Joan D VingeEyes of Amber and Other Stories5199 3.10
1200Ronald A McQueenMardoc5200 3.11
1201Jerry PournelleKing David's Spaceship5201 3.12
1202Jo BannisterThe Winter Plain5202 3.12