A Kettering Miscellany

Go here for pictures of happy fans at play in the George in the 1950s.

Go here for more good Kettering pictures.

Go here for entertaining convention reports of events at various Kettering conventions

Go here for info on the beginnings and early days of the BSFA, which as we all know, Professor, was founded at the Kettering convention in 1958.

Go here for a reminder - or a revelation - of the scope of British fanzine production in 1958

Go here for a list, courtesy of Claire Brialey, of many of the more substantial sf novels of 1958. See how many you think are still any good! Well, there's NON-STOP, THE LINCOLN HUNTERS, LANGUAGES OF PAO, hmm, that's not bad for any year.


A brochure for the George, dated 1963, but I'm guessing the view is much as would have greeted members of the1950s Cytricons.