Some Kettering Con-reports

Of course whether they'll tell you anything you wish to emulate is an arguable point. Think of it as local colour.

CYTRICON 1 - 1955

CYTRICON 2 - 1956

The programme for the 1955 Convention

The Programme for the 1956 Convention

CYTRICON 3 - 1957

CYTRICON 4 - 1958

It is believed that there was no published programme - or even programme book - for either the 1957 or 1958 Convention. However if you know any different... 

CYTRICON V - 2008 -  Programme Book

THE CYTRICON ROSTER - the members of Cytricon 1, 1955

Joe Ayres (Kettering)

John Ashcroft (Southport)

Mal Ashworth (Bradford)

Don Allen (Gateshead)

M. Beardsley (Northhampton)

Daphne Buckmaster (Surrey)

Ron Buckmaster (Surrey)  

Eric Bentcliffe (Stockport}

Ken Bulmer (London)

H Brock (Bucks}

S  J Bounds (London)

Ron Bennett (Leeds)

Irene Boothroyd (London)

John Brunner (Reading)

Alan Burns (Newcastle)

Joan Burns { Newcastle)

Brian Burgess (London)

A.V. Clarke (Welling)

J. Cawthorne (Gateshead)

J.W.Campbell (Kilmarnock)

Dave H Cohen (Manchester)

Joan Carr (M.E.L.F.)

M. Chatterton (London)

J. Coozens (Rushden)

Kathryn M Cowen (Kettering)

Denny Cowen (Kettering)

W G   Clarke (Harwell)

E J  Carnell (London)

Peter Camphell (Windemere)

Alfred Dean (Birmingham)

C. Duncombe (London}

R. P Everett (Leicester )

Fran Evans (Manchester)

P Emery (Gateshead)

Pete Fox (Kettering)

Reg Fieldhouse (Kettering)

J  R Fearn (Blackpool)

G. Gibson (Leeds)

T. Glynn (Sandbach)

Joy Goodwin (London)

John B. Hall (London)

Paul Hammett (Birmingham)

B. Hill (W. Bromwich)

A. Hillman (Newport)

W. Harrison (London )

Peter Hamilton  (Glasgow)

Chuck Harris (Rainham)

E.R. James (Yorkshire)

Jan Jansen (Belgium)

Terry Jeeves (Sheffield)

A.J. Lee (Kettering)

Ethel Lindsay (Glasgow)

Brian Lewis (Gillingham)

Nigel Lindsay (Torquay)

George Lye (Durham City)

Michael Mansfield (Southport)

Dan Morgan (Spalding)

Peter Moor (Manchester)

Shirley Marriott (Bournemouth)

Archie Mercer (Lincoln)

Orville W Mosher (U.S.A.)

Don Mckay (Liverpool)

Lillian Mckay (Liverpool)

Rene Mckay (Liverpool)

K. T. Mcintyre (London)

James Mooney (Llverpool)

Frank Milnes {Liverpool)

Constance Mackenzie (London)

Stuart Mackenzie (London)

Jim McArthur (Edinburgh)

J. Marshall (Gateshead)

Dave Newman (London)

S. Nuttall (Liverpbbl)

Eric Needham (Manchester)

Dave Newman (Liverpool)

Sheila O’Donnell (Bradford)

R. Ogier (London)

John Owen (Liverpool)

Bill Panter (Kettering)

Ken Potter (Lancaster)

Derek Pickles (Bradford)

Brian Poole (Birmingham)

Peter Reaney (Sheffield)

Peter Rigby (Southport)

John D Roles (Llverpool)

K. F. Slater (Leicester)

Norman Shorrock Cheshire)

Ina Shorrock (Cheshire)

Margo Statten (Huddersfield)

K. Skelton (Gateshead)

Frank Simpson (Manchester)

Sandy Sanderson (M.E.L.F.)

Ken Smith (Manchester)

Pete Taylor (London)

Mike Tealby (Leicester)

H. Turner (Cheshire)

E. C. Tubb (London)

Tony Thorne (Gillingham)

C. Turner (Co Durham)

Brian Varley (London)

N.G. Wansborough (Wilts)

Mike Wallace (Hull)

Taffy Williams (Manchester)

Madeleine Willis (Belfast)

Walt Willis (Belfast)

Jack Wilson (Spalding)

G. Wingrove (Surrey)

C.C. Whitaker (Spalding)

Tom White (Bradford)

Mrs T White (Bradford)

N. Weedall (Liverpool)

Cathie Youden (London)

The members of Cytricon 2, 1956


to you who are attending the Second Kettering Convention and, in particular, to all those fen and fenne who have travelled from countries beyond the United Kingdom to be with us this Easter, We hope that you will enjoy a Convention that will live up to all the reports you have read about British Conventions and that, in the years to come, we may have you with us many more times.


Lee Hoffman Shaw (New York)

Anne Steul (Germany)

Larry Shaw (New York)

Jan Jansen (Belgium)

Ellis Mills (U.S.Forces, Germany)

Dave Kyle (New York)

Richard Wilson (New York)


A. Armstrong (Gateshead)

J. Ashcroft (Southport)

M. Ashworth (Bradford)

R. Bennett (Liverpool & Harrogate)

E. Bentcliffe (Stockport)

J. Brunner (London & Woodcote)

D, Buckmaster (Warley)

R. Buckmaster (Warley)

B. Burgess (London)

A. Burns (Newcastle-upon-Tyne)

E. Carnell (London)

W. Carr (Ashington)

M. Chatterton (London)

G. Clarke (Liverpool)

J. Clarke (London)

A. Clarke (London)

D. Cohen (Manchester) and party

P. Emery (Newcastle-upon-Tyne)

P. Enever (Hillingdon)

J. Greengrass ()

P. Hamilton (Glasgow)

J. Hammett (Darlaston)

P. Hammett (Darlaston)

C. Harris (Rainham)

W. Harrison (Liverpool)

W. Harry (Liverpool)

E. Hedges (Wendover)

A. Hillman (Newport, Mon.)

T. Jeeves (Sheffield)

-. Jefferson (Leeds)

-. Johnson ( )

E. Jones (Cheltenham)

M. Jones (Cheltenham)

H. Kennedy (Gateshead)

B. Kidd (Romford)

J. Kippax (Spalding)

K. Mclntyre (London)

D.Mackay (Liverpool)

L. Mackay (Liverpool)

R. Mackay (Liverpool)

M. Mansfield (Spalding)

S. Marriott (London)

J. Marshall (Newcastle-upon-Tyne)

A.Mercer (Lincoln)

-. Micklewaite (Spalding)

F. Milnes (Liverpool)

D. Morgan (Spalding)

E. Needham (Manchester)

D. Newman (Liverpool)

S. Nuttall (Liverpool)

S. O'Donnell (Bradford)

J. Owen (Liverpool)

D. Page (Clarkston)

M. Page (Clarkston)

K. Potter (Arborfield & Lancaster)

G. Powell (London)

D. Ratigan (London)

J.  Rattigan (London)

P. Reaney (Leeds)

P. Rigby (Southport)

J. Roles (Liverpool)

L. Sandfield (London)

S. Sanderson (Cyprus and Manchester)

I. Shorrock (Liverpool)

N. Shorrock (Liverpool)

K. Slater (Syston)

A. Thomson (London)

D. Thurlby (Barking)

I. Thurlby (Barking)

E. Tubb (London)

M. Wallace (Syston)

N. Wansborough (Trowbridge)

N. Weedall (Liverpool)

P. West (London)

C. Whittaker (Spalding)

R. Wild (London)

W. Willis (Belfast)

J. Wilson (Spalding)

G. Wingrove (Cheam)

P. Wollan (Liverpool)



It will be greatly appreciated if ALL attendees will wear the ticket issued to them after having completed it with their name, This will not only be of assistance to fen in identifying friends (and possible enemies) but will also act as a receipt.