Convention Programme

Some people are firmly of the belief that 'the more programme the better'.  While not quite going that far we do want to get your brains working, just a little bit, with a few discussion events.  Everything takes place in the main hall/ballroom on Saturday.

10.00 a.m. - The Science Fiction of 1958

Claire Brialey leads a panel of experts (Rog Peyton, Sandra Bond, & Jim Linwood) to talk about the red-hot titles of 1958.  Brush-up your memories of  'Have Spacesuit, Will Travel', 'We Have Fed Our Sea', 'The Big Time' and other Good Stuff.   Was it a good year?  Have 1958 stories become dated in the light of what came after?  What were your favourite titles?

11.00 a.m. Tea/Coffee

11.30 a.m. - The BSFA; Threat or Menace?

As we all know the BSFA was founded at Kettering.  Now, fifty years later, Mark Plummer moderates a panel with Ina Shorrock, Keith Freeman and Peter Weston, to discuss the BSFA and its impact upon us as individuals and on British fandom generally.  Was it necessary?  Did it succeed in its original aims?  Could things have worked out differently?

2.00 p.m. - Illustrated Fandom

With trusty laptop and projector, Peter Weston travels into the past to show fans having fun in the Good Old Days.  

3.00 p.m. Tea/Coffee

3.30 p.m. - How It Changed

Catherine Pickersgill will attempt to control a mixed panel comprising Peter Mabey (GoH), Mike Scott (new boy), and Greg Pickersgill (class of '68) as they talk about British fandom, then and now; how it was and how it has changed over the years.



We want to capture the mood of 1950s conventions, which were strong on displays of fannish activities and merchandise. So far we have the following attractions:

-  Susie Haynes is bringing a choice selection of Ken Slater's 'rubbitch', including posters and copies of Operation Fantast.

-  George Locke will be showing some of his extensive collection of early fanzines.

-  Andy Richards will have a table of science fiction for sale, hopefully including  books and magazines from the fifties and a selection of paperbacks at 'giveaway' prices.

-  Greg Pickersgill is culling his archives to offer some choice fanzine titles which he will be only to happy to present to eager collectors.

-  Peter Weston will have his 'Artefacts' table, to show priceless items from yesteryear, including Ken Bulmer's sword and shield, Peter Mabey's St Fantony tunic, and so on.   Please bring along your own relics (zap-guns, beanies, Astral Poles, etc.) for the occasion!

If you want a table, just let me know.  The hotel is happy for us to mount posters, etc, on the walls, providing blue-tack is used (no pins or tape).